Services & Rates


Content Creation/Strategy & Contracting Services


Website or Blog content

We can help you keep your website and/or blog content fresh. Fresh content will entice visitors to return and keep traffic flowing your way. We can also assist you with developing a content marketing plan that will have the largest reach to your targeted audience base. Be sure to ask us about our website and blog content packages. We have packages to fit even the most modest of budgets, starting as low as $100 a month.

Corporate Publications (Newsletters, White Papers, etc.)

Need assistance creating a newsletter or industry White Paper for your business? We can help! Have a newsletter or White Paper but need help to make it shine? We can help with that too! Our rates are based on the scope and complexity of the project, since each project and business is different . But don’t worry, we will always give you a detailed written quote after hearing the specifics about your project, so email us and let’s talk! 

Corporate Marketing (Email Marketing, Brochures, Surveys, eBooks etc.)

We can help with a wide variety of corporate marketing content needs. In addition, we specialize in creating e-Books you can give away to your prospective client base to drive more interest in your products or services. So, if you need an e-Book or any other content for your marketing activities visit our Contact Us page and we will be happy to meet with you and give you a quote!

Contracting Solutions & Support

Need contracting templates customized to fit your business and client base? We can supply custom templates, or even review and provide guidance on contracts you are being asked to sign by your clients or suppliers.  Whatever your contracting need is we can help, as we have over 17 years of experience providing contracting solutions directly to businesses. Tell us a bit about your needs and we can provide a customized quote. Curious to know what rates generally look like but not yet ready to chat? Send us an email and we are happy to share our Standard Contracting Rates List.  

Self Publishing Services


Interested in self-publishing but don’t know where to start? We can guide you through the specific steps you need support with or complete the entire process for you. Because we believe in helping writers our initial consultation is always FREE and we will always do our best to help you evaluate if you feel comfortable proceeding solo. Let’s face it almost all writers are on a strict budget so if we can help you avoid expense by answering a few basic questions and pointing you towards some free resource material, we are happy to do so!  Even if you don’t wind up needing our paid services we hope you will let us know when your book post for sale as we LOVE sharing writer’s success stories!

Ready to publish an eBook but don’t want to spend your time dealing with e-Retailers and would rather work on your next book? We can set up all the necessary accounts and upload your material for you. We are even happy to help you with pre-publication marketing so that you can generate reader interest even before your book is available for purchase!

Format for KDP Print or Barnes & Noble Press

We can format your book for print saving you time and frustration. Rates are as follows: Books (with no illustrations) 1-50 pages- $40, 51-150 pages- $80, 150-250- $125, over 250 email for quote. Books with illustrations will be given a custom quote.

eBook Formatting and Conversions

eBook formatting rates are as follows: Books (with no illustrations, charts, footnotes or end-notes) 1-100 pages- $75.00, 100-200 pages $100.00, over 200 pages will be given a custom quote.  For e-Book conversions email us for a quote.

Set up e-Retailer Accounts (includes pre-publication marketing support)

We will take care of setting up all the necessary e-Retailer accounts, upload your (formatted finished) book for sale and even design and execute a pre-publication marketing plan so that you can focus on writing your next book! Rate is for up to 3 retailers: $250

Book Summary/Back Cover Blurb

We support writers so if you are just looking for some quick feedback we are happy to take a look at no cost! We do have quite a volume of requests for this so you might need to be patient but we will definitely put you on our list! If you need more hands-on help, are in a hurry or need someone to create you a custom book summary from scratch we charge $75.00 which includes up to 3 revisions.

Simple Book Covers & Illustrations

If you are looking for the next Mona Lisa we aren’t the right partner for you, but we would be happy to refer you to some graphic artists that make Mona Lisa covers all day long. If you just need a simple cover, but one that will grab your audience base then you are in the right place. Need a few illustrations to make your book shine? We can help with that too! Our illustrator’s work has won awards so you won’t be disappointed. Rates for covers and illustrations vary based on specifications and complexity but don’t worry we can offer solutions for even the modest of budgets so let’s talk!

Publishing Pal- A New Form of Self Publishing

Tre H is committed to bringing under represented voices & stories to market.  We realize many writers cannot  afford any out of pocket expense and without support their voice will remain unheard.  As such we accept a limited amount of submissions under our Publishing Pal Program, where we will partner with you to bring your book to market without any upfront out of pocket expense . Our fees are 100% royalty based, royalty term is 5 years or less and there is no exclusivity commitment.  We are committed to providing only solutions that we as fellow writers would be interested and comfortable receiving from another third party.  Please email us for submission guidelines and more information.

Book Editing Services


Planning to pursue traditional publishing but need assistance to help get your manuscript reading for pitching to literary agents and publishers? We can help! Self-Publishing but want to be sure your manuscript is pristine before it hits the marketplace? We can help with that too! As you review our list of services you will see we offer some support in areas for free if you are prepared to be patient. It is our way of giving back and continuing our commitment to support writers!

Manuscript Evaluation

We will review your manuscript and provide a written report of areas that can be strengthened to produce the best product possible. As part of our evaluation we will review how your manuscript compares with competitors in the marketplace and make note of any adjustments needed to best reach your targeted reader base. Note if you are interested in other book editing or self-publishing services we offer bundled pricing for additional savings. Rate for manuscripts up to 78 thousand words -$275, over 78 thousand but under 90 thousand $375, over 90 thousand words will be given a custom quote.

Developmental Editing-Skinny

Our Skinny Developmental Editing service is for writers who need more help than a manuscript review but can’t afford the cost associated with the standard Developmental Editing review. Tre H is committed to helping writers of all socio-economic status get their work to market so as part of our Skinny Developmental review we will partner with you to review the structure and content of your manuscript and make line edits in the most important areas that will serve as a reference to guide you in continuing to make developmental edits on your own. During our developmental review we will look at: Plot; Characterization; Point of view/voice; Pace, Dialogue: Tone; Organization and Flow.  Rate: .0104 cents per word (approximately $780 for 75k manuscript) over 75 thousand words but less than 90 thousand .0122 cents per word, over 90 thousand words will require a custom quote.

Beta Reading

We provide free beta reading to writers if you are prepared to be patient (we get many requests for this service). Contact us for a free review. If you need immediate assistance we can do an expedited review for $75.00.

Sensitivity Reading

We can provide a sensitivity reading of your manuscript. Contact us with your need and we can let you know if we cover the topics you are needing reviewed. Rate is $100 for manuscripts under 80 thousand words.


Query Letter Writing and Review

Before generating a query letter, we will read your manuscript, gather information about your writing background and review the profile on your targeted literary agent or publisher. We will then create a custom query letter to jump start your pitching process. Rate is $175 for manuscripts under 90 thousand words. 

Have a query letter but want help revising it? We can review and revise your query letter based on an excerpt of your manuscript, summary of your writing experience and a profile of your targeted literary agent or publisher. Rate $65

Have the perfect query letter but still not having luck connecting with the right agent or publisher? We can create a list of agents or publishers to target customized to fit your book type and writing background. Rate $75